Lyralen Kaye

“Courage means willing to risk everything.” Sanford Meisner

     Lyralen’s film career has focused on the Power Mom—a strong professional woman who will fight like anything for her children…or to dominate them. She has played a psychiatrist, a minister, a Christian activist, a teacher, a lawyer, a mentally ill philanthropist, an aging trophy wife, several ambitious executives...all mothers or mother surrogates struggling to hold on to or to revenge their children.

     In theatre, her range of characters includes everything from an upper class ditz to a butch cop. She's also played alcoholics and drug addicts, a lesbian reporter, a ballistic yogified lawyer, several women having affairs outside their marriages, a serial killer, an upper class art dealer, a nurse, a poet and a high femme lesbian in love with a transgendered boy half her age. 

     She believes that throwing away all decorum to go for what the character wants makes acting the most fun thing on earth.

     Before becoming an actress, Lyralen wrote in just about every genre, winning awards in playwriting, screenwriting, fiction and slam poetry.  She also lived in Spain (where she ran with the bulls), and then in Japan (where she played a geisha who wrestled customers into her establishment).

     Committed to both social justice and a life in the arts, she remains willing to try just about anything./span>

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