Services for Writers

Lyralen Kaye has nearly 30 years of teaching and editing experience, and has been publishing articles, poetry, and fiction since 1979. She has an MFA in Theatre from Sarah Lawrence College and a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. She has helped writers to develop and then perform their work, to publish, to get agents, to win contests, and to apply and get accepted to graduate school.

  • in-depth feedback on your work
  • examples and exercises for developing craft
  • strategies for breaking creative blocks
  • one-on-one consultation sessions
  • unlimited e-mail support
  • publishing savvy
  • line editing
  • pep talks

Editing Services

Editing can be done while a manuscript or screenplay is in process, and helps to break blocks and shape the work toward a ready-to-publish finished product.

Per hour: Writers can pay per hour for shorter projects or for early stage developmental editing.

Per page: For a flat fee, based on per page service (writers can choose: line editing, line comments, overall feedback on structure, pace, character and style or all 3), Lyralen will edit your work and help you create the best project possible.

Coaching Services

Coaching lasts for 3 months, starting on the 1st or 15th of the month and includes:

  • 150 pages double-spaced edited by Lyralen
  • 3 one hour consults
  • unlimited e-mail support

Lyralen also tailors the coaching package for poets and writers who prefer more consults and less pages.

Screenwriting and Devised Theater Services


Lyralen has adapted novels and short plays for producers, bringing her award-winning writing craft and strong believable characters to the world of adaptations. She has written about a transgendered artist, a heterosexual love triangle, and a lesbian relationship on the rocks. She is available as a screenwriter-for-hire. References upon request.

Devised Theater

Lyralen has worked with diverse populations to create theater pieces they can then perform to tell their stories. Her work has ranged from a companion piece for 5 Women Wearing the Same Dress by Alan Ball(entitled Intermanzzo, she worked with 4 men to create a comedy about male friendship, gender and sexuality) to We Come, a piece written for 28 middle school immigrants from Latin America. Her style of collaboration creates a strong sense of safety and trust, and she has adapted the structure and content of the pieces to match the skills of the performers.

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